Belgian Football Icon Eden Hazard Poised for Graceful Farewell
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Belgian Football Icon Eden Hazard Poised for Graceful Farewell



In the world of football, one name that has shone brightly is Eden Hazard's. At 32 years old, the Belgian maestro is nearing the end of his remarkable journey, gracefully turning down lucrative offers from Saudi Arabian clubs as he contemplates retirement.



Despite the allure of financial gain, Hazard's focus remains on concluding his career with the same dignity and elegance that characterized his play on the field. 


Hazard's legacy is deeply interwoven with his time at Chelsea, where he etched his name into the annals of football history.


Across 352 matches, his tally of 110 goals and 92 assists showcased a player of extraordinary caliber.


He wasn't just a part of Chelsea's success; he was a driving force behind it.


The Premier League witnessed his dazzling skills and his uncanny ability to turn the tide of a game, earning him a special place in the hearts of fans. 


His journey took an intriguing turn in 2019 when he embarked on a new adventure at Real Madrid.


Unfortunately, injuries marred his time in Spain, limiting his opportunities to dazzle the crowds.


Last season saw him participating in only 6 LaLiga matches and finding the net 7 times in a total of 76 appearances.


A noticeable departure from his prime years at Chelsea, where he was unequivocally among the Premier League's elite.