Guardiolas Absence-Manchester Citys New Chapter with Lillo at the Helm
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Guardiolas Absence-Manchester Citys New Chapter with Lillo at the Helm



Due to recent back surgery, Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, will not be available for the next two Premier League matches. Aged 52, Guardiola underwent a minor emergency operation in Barcelona to address severe back pain.


As a result, he will be missing Manchester City's forthcoming games against Sheffield United and Fulham. In his stead, assistant manager Juanma Lillo will take charge of training sessions and guide the team during matches.


Guardiola's troublesome back pain prompted him to undergo surgery performed by Dr. Mireia Illueca in Barcelona. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, which raises hopes for Guardiola's quick recovery and his ability to return to his role soon.


While he focuses on getting better in Barcelona, the team will have to carry on without him for a short while.



With Guardiola unavailable, Juanma Lillo, who is an assistant manager and shares similar footballing ideas with Guardiola, will be in charge.


He will oversee the training of the main team and make decisions from the sidelines during the Sheffield United and Fulham matches.


Fans and experts alike will closely observe Lillo's leadership during this time.




Under Guardiola's guidance last season, Manchester City accomplished an extraordinary feat by winning the Premier League, the FA Cup, and their very first Champions League title.


Even though Guardiola won't be physically present, Manchester City is still doing well this season, currently standing in second place in the Premier League with six points, tied with Brighton and Arsenal.


Their victories against Burnley and Newcastle showcased a promising start to their campaign.


In the UEFA Super Cup, City recently secured victory against Sevilla through a tense penalty shootout held in Athens, showcasing their unwavering determination.


Despite Guardiola's temporary absence, the team remains fueled by a shared goal and a resolute commitment to achieving success.


This situation might serve as a chance for the team to come together and strive for more success in different areas. 



As Pep Guardiola goes through his recovery process after a successful back surgery, Manchester City faces a brief period of change in leadership.

Assistant manager Juanma Lillo's role in managing the team during these matches offers a unique opportunity for the team to show their flexibility and determination.

With Guardiola set to return after the international break, Manchester City remains focused on their journey to achieve further victories and excellence. 

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