Everton Mourns the Loss of Chairman Bill Kenwright at Age 78 
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Everton Mourns the Loss of Chairman Bill Kenwright at Age 78 




In a solemn announcement, Everton Football Club has confirmed the passing of their long-serving chairman, Bill Kenwright, at the age of 78. The football community and Everton fans are deeply saddened by the loss of a cherished figure who devoted his life to the club. 


Kenwright's enduring commitment to Everton was clear as the club expressed its sorrow on their official website, stating, "The club has lost a chairman, a leader, a friend, and an inspiration." The heartfelt statement continued, "The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Everton are with his partner Jenny Seagrove, his daughter Lucy Kenwright, grandchildren, and everyone who knew and loved him." 


Bill Kenwright's journey with Everton began in 1989 when he first joined the club's board. His passion for the club and his vision for its future were evident, and it didn't take long for him to rise through the ranks. A decade later, he became the deputy chairman after acquiring a majority share in the club. His dedication and leadership qualities eventually led him to the position of chairman, which he held for almost two decades. 


Kenwright's dedication to Everton extended beyond the boardroom. He was a true-blue Evertonian, a fan who lived his dream of being a significant part of the club he loved. His commitment was unwavering, and his legacy will forever be intertwined with the club's history. 


Fate took a cruel turn when Bill Kenwright's battle against liver cancer commenced in early August. Despite his ailment, he displayed remarkable strength and underwent urgent surgery to eliminate cancerous growth. A mere two weeks ago, he left the hospital, defying the odds and showcasing his unyielding spirit. 



Earlier this year, Kenwright agreed to remain a part of Everton's board, responding to the request of owner Farhad Moshiri, as the club navigated through a transitional phase. Moshiri, who initially invested in Everton in 2016, recently consented to the sale of the club to 777 Partners. Currently, the deal is pending regulatory approval, marking a significant milestone in Everton's history. 


In a heartfelt message, Moshiri, a close friend and business associate of Kenwright, paid tribute to the chairman. He characterized Bill Kenwright as an extraordinary individual who achieved success in various domains of life. Their enduring friendship and their shared dedication to Everton have left an indelible imprint on the club's historical tapestry, ensuring that Bill Kenwright's legacy will be honored for generations to come. 


The passing of Bill Kenwright has left Everton's supporters, players, and the broader football community in a state of profound sorrow. Bill Kenwright was not just a chairman; he was the very heart and soul of Everton, and his memory will forever be woven into the club's identity. As Everton charts its path into the future, it does so with heartfelt appreciation for the lasting heritage of a man who devoted his life to the Royal Blue cause. 

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