Kylian Mbappes Fitness Journey-Overcoming Challenges at PSG
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Kylian Mbappes Fitness Journey-Overcoming Challenges at PSG




Kylian Mbappe, the electrifying forward and Paris Saint-Germain's main source of goals, has been facing a unique challenge this season. Despite his impressive performance, the 24-year-old Frenchman is yet to reach his peak fitness level due to unconventional pre-season preparation.


This article delves into Mbappe's journey from the "loft" to the pitch, exploring the impact of his time away from the main squad on his physical condition, his evolving role in the team, and PSG's upcoming Champions League clash against Newcastle. 


Mbappe's unconventional pre-season saw him training with PSG's transfer-listed players, dubbed the "undesirables." This unusual situation stemmed from a contractual standoff between Mbappe and the club. This separation from the main squad had unintended consequences, as sources report that it has affected his ability to recover between matches, which is crucial for his explosiveness on the field. 


Interestingly, medical examinations have revealed that several of PSG's "lofted" players, including Mbappe, had physical deficiencies upon arriving at their respective new clubs. While this might be concerning, Mbappe's entourage remains optimistic, asserting that with every match played, he will eventually regain his maximum intensity. 


One of the challenges facing Mbappe this season is the absence of creative maestros Lionel Messi and Neymar, who have left PSG. This has led to a significant shift in Mbappe's role within the team. Now, he is not just the primary goal scorer but also responsible for creating opportunities. He often drops deep to fill the playmaker role left vacant by Neymar's departure. 


While Mbappe has embraced this new role, it is physically demanding, especially given his lack of pre-season preparation. Playing as both the main source of goals and the creative force is no small feat. However, Mbappe's versatility and commitment to the team are commendable. 


As PSG prepares for their second Champions' League group match against Newcastle, the spotlight will be on Kylian Mbappe. Despite his fitness challenges and changing role, he remains a crucial asset for the team. PSG will hope that he continues to adapt and regain his peak physical condition as the season progresses. 





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